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Zakhele on Tour

Zakhele Tour in the UK

Every second year, Za Foundation fund a new Zakhele group to tour schools in North Somerset and Bristol. This dynamic, versatile, energetic and inspirational group perform educational drama, music and workshops to secondary students and creative music, drumming, singing, dancing and drama workshops to primary school children. The aims of this tour are:

Secondary schools

  1. Educate young people about transmission, risk and impact of HIV / AIDS both in the UK and in South Africa.
  2. Breakdown stigma, racism and stereotypes
  3. Engender positive and fruitful interactions between young people from different cultures.
  4. To achieve greater global awareness and social responsibility in young people locally.
  5. To enjoy joint social activities such as concerts, sport and getting to know each other.

Primary schools

  1. Introduce young children to a different culture
  2. Let them experience the music, singing and dancing from a different country
  3. Show them how they can learn traditional moralistic stories through drama

Zakhele have now toured the UK in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Their last visit involved visiting and working with 14 schools in North Somerset and Bristol in just 6 weeks. In addition to the school visits, Zakhele performed at several public concerts, including the Colston Hall in Bristol. In total they interacted with 5,300 people from North Somerset of which 4,150 were school children/young people, 1910 were from secondary schools. There is no doubt that Zakhele touched many, many people during their visit to the UK and greatly increased awareness of the issues they face on a daily basis within their local community.

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