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School Uniforms

School Uniforms

State schooling in South Africa is free, however, you must have a school uniform and some books. For the many thousands of children that are left orphaned by the devastating impact of HIV / AIDS, this is an unaffordable price and therefore many of these children do not go to school. The Nkomazi is an area in which HIV / AIDS has reached pandemic proportions with over 40% of the population infected. Therefore several schools have had to take a more pragmatic response and in some cases, where limited funds exist, there may be a hardship budget to assist the orphan, or in many cases this child will be able to attend school in their ‘home’ clothes.

Going to school in your ‘home’ clothes causes humiliation and stigmatises the child. You might just as well wear a T shirt saying ‘I am an orphan’. Their world is traumatic enough without this to bear. Therefore, Za Foundation, purchase school uniforms or specific items of schools uniform (depending on the need) for orphan and vulnerable children.

In 2013 we were able to purchase £4,500 of uniforms

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    Berthia is our social worker. She works alongside the After School Club facilitators to assess and support the needs of the children who attend.

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