Zakhele on Tour

Every few years, Za Foundation fund a new Zakhele group to tour schools in North Somerset.  This energetic and inspirational group perform educational dramas, music and workshops to secondary students and creative music, drumming, singing, dancing and drama workshops to primary school children. The aims of the tours are:

Secondary schools

  1. Educate young people about transmission, risk and impact of HIV/AIDS both in the UK and in South Africa.
  2. Breakdown stigma, racism and stereotypes
  3. Engender positive and fruitful interactions between young people from different cultures.
  4. To achieve greater global awareness and social responsibility in young people locally.
  5. To enjoy joint social activities such as concerts, sport and getting to know each other.

Primary schools

  1. Introduce young children to a different culture
  2. Let them experience the music, singing and dancing from a different country
  3. Show them how they can learn traditional stories through drama

While in the UK the Zakhele group work in up to 15 primary, secondary and special schools, delivering workshops, dramas, music, dance and lots of singing! They also visit churches, Brownie groups, business, community members and perform concerts. Since 2009, Zakhele have interacted with just short of 16,000 children and 4,000 members of the general public.

Each of our visits have been evaluated with help from either The University West of England or Bristol University. Here is some of the feedback from the Headteachers of schools visited by Zakhele: 

  • “Most valuable to schools are the intercultural relationships with the Zakhele group which break down stereotypes”.
  • “Zakhele enriched the experience for the pupils for a long time after the visit”.
  • “Zakhele help young people in North Somerset become global citizens of the 21st century”.

Zakhele have now visited the UK in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Their latest visit was in March 2019 when they visited 13 secondary and primary schools in North Somerset.  They also gave a very special public concert at Nailsea School.