FAQs For Sponsoring A Child

What does Sponsoring a Child mean?

Whilst we call it ‘sponsoring’ a child, as this is the term the larger charities use, what you are actually doing is providing the After School Clubs with a reliable regular income to cover their main running costs e.g. the salaries of the facilitators, managers and cooks of the three clubs, a vital nutritional meal every week day, life skills and counselling. The main aim of these clubs is to give the children hope, provide a safe haven and to enable them to escape from poverty through education.

Sponsors receive regular information about the clubs. These updates enable you to see exactly where your money is going and the impact it is having.

To sponsor a child at an After School Club, you usually make regular monthly donations of £10 per child. You could, of course, sponsor more than one child, which would be wonderful. In this case, your monthly payments would be £20 for 2 children, £30 for 3, and so on.

Why should I sponsor a child through Za Foundation / Thembalethu?

Sponsoring is a personal way to support deprived children and there are many organisations that do this. They all work in different ways and sometimes it is difficult to know exactly how your donations have been spent. Many are large organisations and their overheads are high, so a percentage of your donation goes towards administration costs, often as much as 20%.

By sponsoring a child through Za Foundation, you can be sure that 100% of your money, including Gift Aid, will go directly to the running of the clubs to provide that child with all the vital life skills needed for hope of a future. There will be no administration costs as the sponsorship programme is run by volunteers.

Za Foundation works extremely closely with their partner charity, Thembalethu, who facilitates these After School Clubs. The CEO of Thembalethu , Cleopas Maseko, is also a Director of Za Foundation and he has the welfare of the children uppermost.

As a sponsor, you will see the difference you are helping to make. Through Thembalethu After School Clubs you will gain an insight into lives of children living in rural South Africa.

How is the sponsor money used?

The money you give doesn’t go directly to a particular sponsored child or family, it goes to the After School Clubs to cover their running costs and to ensure that it meets the needs of every child.

The Sponsorship Scheme is run by Za Foundation who cover the administration costs, so that 100% of the donations, together with Gift Aid, go directly into the clubs’ funds.

How are payments made?

Payments can be paid monthly by Standing Order but, if you prefer, you can choose to make your payments quarterly, half yearly or annually. Sponsors’ payments are collected into Za Foundation’s  account in the UK and then transferred to their sister charity’s account (Thembalethu) at the end of each quarter. For more information please contact Za Foundation on info@zafoundation.org

Can I sponsor a child with my friends/work colleagues

Yes. This is a good way of being involved with the After School Clubs if you are unable to commit yourself to the full monthly payments. We welcome friends, schools, work colleagues or other groups and we believe that this is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the lives of children in rural South Africa.

If you do decide to sponsor as part of a group, we need to have one nominated person as the point of contact to whom we can send all the information and updates.

How often will I receive an update?

When you first join the scheme, you will receive a welcome pack with further information and you will then be sent regular reports on the progress of the clubs. These reports will be sent 2-3 times per year.

There will be regular updates on the Za Foundation website so you can see at any time what is happening in South Africa.

How long do I continue to be a sponsor?

We appreciate that your circumstances may change, and you can withdraw your support at any time.

I would like to sponsor a child – what next?

If you would like to speak to someone or if you would like to help sponsor a child atour After School Clubs, please contact us at Za Foundation at info@zafoundation.org  We would be happy to answer any queries you may have.