Sponsor a Child

Help give orphans and vulnerable children a chance of a future

Sponsoring a Child for just £10 per month will pay for an orphan or vulnerable child to attend one of our After School Clubs in South Africa.

Our three After School Clubs in South Africa are run by our partner charity Thembalethu, and support a total of 300 children every day. These clubs are not like the ones in the UK, where kids just go and play after school, often waiting to be picked up by parents. In fact many of the children who attend these clubs do not have parents and live with either relatives or older siblings or are sometimes the older sibling in charge of the household. They may also be children whose life situation makes them very vulnerable. The future is grim for these children but the clubs provide a safe haven, food and guidance, where otherwise there is none.

So for £10 per month a child gets

  • A vital nutritious meal – the only other meal they may receive is the one at school
  • Educational support especially in Maths and English and help with homework
  • Counselling for grief and trauma from a qualified Social Worker
  • Crucial life skills for example
  • Dramas: on HIV, hygiene, bullying and many other social issues
  • Sewing: patching clothes and learning how to make new ones
  • Cooking: so they can feed themselves now and in the future and learn about nutrition
  • Gardening: helping grow food to be cooked for the daily meal and learning how to grow their own vegetables
  • Debating: making their voice heard
  • Important time to relax and be a child in a safe environment
  • Drawing/colouring
  • Painting
  • Reading in the library / attending an event in the library or a visit from the mobile library
  • Educational games
  • Fun games e.g. Twister
  • Singing, dancing and acting
  • Story time
  • Golf
  • Rounders
  • Sport: general

They also get help with taking any medication and their home life is assessed to see what they need that we can help with e.g. items of uniform, access to school, food.

What you get

Every penny you donate by supporting our sponsorship programme provides the After-School Clubs with a reliable and regular income to cover its main running costs.

Your money will support all the children at the After-School Clubs and allow them to have access to all of the above.

You will also receive two to three updates per year on the progress of the clubs and the children they support.

Sponsoring the clubs:

Your regular monthly donation will help cover the costs of running the After-School Clubs, which include paying the staff salaries, all the activities mentioned and providing the children with a nutritious meal.

For more details about sponsorship please see the Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to speak to someone or if you would like to enable a child to attend an After School Club, please contact us at Za Foundation on info@zafoundation.org