Za in the UK

Za Foundation aims to forge ever closer links between the Nkomazi community in South Africa and our own community here in North Somerset. We work towards building closer ties between young people across this divide. WHY? Because as a charity we believe passionately in global awareness, the global classroom and the huge benefits one can derive from knowing, sharing, collaborating and learning from another community. A shared vision and responsibility, where the vulnerabilities in one community can be assisted by the strengths in the other community and vice versa. After all, we live in a global world, we derive most of our daily needs from a global market… therefore we need to work in communities where young people can build a better future for themselves by working together.

Za Foundation Programmes in UK

Every two years Za Foundation bring the Zakhele group to the UK to interact with approximately 12 schools (primary, secondary, special) and over 4,000 children and young people. Za Foundation believes these visits to the UK raise awareness and understanding of global and development issues among those they visit.

The Government defines Global Dimension as:

“links can be made between local and global issues. It also means that young people are given opportunities to critically examine their own values and attitudes; appreciate similarities between people everywhere, and value diversity; understand the global context of their local lives; and develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination.”

(p 2, Developing a global dimension in the school curriculum, DfES, 2005)

According to the 2011 Census, the population of North Somerset is less ethnically diverse than England and Wales with 97% of people living in North Somerset classifying themselves as belonging to a white ethnic group. For many school children, meeting and working alongside Zakhele during their visit is their first opportunity to engage with young people from a different ethnic and cultural background.

In 2013 University of the West of England completed an evaluation of the impact of Zakhele’s visits to schools which included the following feedback from Headteachers of the schools involved:

• Most valuable to schools is the intercultural relationships with the Zakhele group which breaks down stereotypes.

• Zakhele enriched the experience for the pupils for a long time after the visit.

Zakhele help young people in North Somerset become global citizens of the 21st century.

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