School partnerships

The Zakhele Drama Group’s initial tour of schools in the North Somerset in 2009 sparked a lot of interest in learning more about South Africa and the area that is home to the Zakhele Group.

As a result, Za got together with North Somerset Council to put in a bid to the British Council for funding to form partnerships between our schools and theirs. In September 2010 we heard that the bid was successful and by December, our first joint project was launched- a joint exhibition of children’s wishes on World AIDS Day.

The Global School Partnerships Programme was an initiative of the Department for International DevelopmentZa Foundation and North Somerset put in a successful bid for a grant to support the school partnerships. The grant enabled staff from South Africa and North Somerset to get things started with a visit to the other country. The visits took place in 2011 and involved:

• Tours of local partner schools
• Learning about local education projects and ways of working
• Coming up with ideas for joint education projects between schools in both countries..

The Global School Partnerships programme was then replaced by a similar programme called Connecting Classrooms.

Since 2010, 18 schools across the Nkomazi region have participated in this educational partnership with schools in the UK.

New links are still being forged between schools. Since June 2015, Court de Wyck Primary School in Claverham and Loti Primary School in Schoemansdal, have been exchanging letters and information about their respective areas .