Distressing news from Buffelspruit After School Club

The main purpose of the Directors’ self-funded trip to South Africa this week is to visit and review the projects funded by Za Foundation, including our three After School Clubs. Sadly we must share the following news and photos from Jayne today regarding our After School Club in Buffelspruit:

Yesterday (Weds 15th March) we visited Buffelspruit After-School Club. The club was absolutely buzzing with children 120 in all! There was massive excitement as the children wanted to showcase their club to us and the changes they have made since our last visit. In addition, there was huge excitement about the joint art project with the University West of England. There were some pieces of art that had been started – ready for us to bring back. There was singing, dancing celebrations, lots and lots of games and activities both educational and fun. Poetry was read, knitting was demonstrated and the most wonderful racing car – made for the art exhibition. We had a superb afternoon. 









However, on entering Thembalethu this morning we learnt the shocking news that overnight thieves had broken into the grounds of the club and removed 62 sheets of metal roofing. Both buildings were affected and all the roof was removed on half of the buildings. They also stole the geyser (hot water tank). On reaching the club we found much sadness and utter disbelief. Cleopas, our South African director said that in all the years he has been living in the area, he has never seen anything like it. The saddest thing of all is that these orphan and vulnerable children now have to suffer further as we try to find the funds to repair their much loved and needed club.


The Directors immediately sprung into action as they organised cake, music and dancing to greet the children as they arrived this afternoon. In Jayne’s words:

We stormed the afternoon! Took lots of cake and danced and sang our hearts out to show that we will not be stopped by these thieves and will re-build. We are stronger than they are.