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Check out our Za newsletter below for the latest news about the After School Clubs and details of our new project, Sponsor a Child.

How we work

As a registered charity, we strive to carry out our business in a transparent, honest way so that our supporters can feel satisfied that their donations have been appropriately used to support our projects.  The steps we take to ensure this transparency are listed below:

  • Za Foundation has been registered with the Charities Commission and Companies House since 2010.  We have submitted our Annual Report and Accounts to both organisations every year since our registration.  The Za Foundation page on the Charities Commission website can be visited here.
  • Our Board of Directors and membership consist entirely of volunteers.  Directors do not receive financial benefit for the work they do for Za Foundation.  The directors are supported in the day to day running of the charity by additional volunteers including our Treasurer and Company Secretary.
  • Not only are Za staff all volunteers but any expenses incurred during trips to SA to monitor our programmes, are all funded by the individuals that travel. Most of our overheads are covered by individual donations. This means that only justifiable expenses such as insurance remain as overheads.
  • We have four Board meetings every year which includes an Annual General Meeting.
  • In addition, we have weekly operational meetings where we discuss the progress of our projects with our South African director who is on the ground in Nkomazi.
  • We have a comprehensive range of robust policies and procedures which govern our operations, including a safeguarding policy.  These policies are reviewed and updated annually by the Board of Directors.
  • Our Annual Report and Accounts are public documents which are available to view on our website here.

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Address: 36 High Street
Bristol BS20 6EN
Phone: 01275 848775
Email: info@zafoundation.org

Founded 2006. Registered Charity No.1135748 (since 2010)